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Were Gold Leaf Sheets Used In Ancient Kitchens?

Gold has a storied history behind it, especially when it comes to its symbolic significance and how it’s shaped history. The shimmer of gold has caused all sorts of beliefs to form around it. Trade and exchanges have happened under the strong belief in the value of gold. However, to have it on your dinner plate is a grand sign of opulence that’s hard to beat.

With that in mind, chefs wanting to incorporate gold leaf sheets into their dishes might find it good to learn more about how ancient cultures made use of it in the kitchen. The symbolism behind it, the classes that partook of it, and the preparation of edible gold leaf sheets influence the experience that diners have with the dish.

Paying respect to the history behind its usage can help forge new culinary creations, all of which help to set your food apart. Here is how ancient kitchens made use of gold leaf sheets and the health benefits that they believed in. Alongside that, we’ll take a short look at the different gold leaf sheets that you can use to add some sparkle to your food!

Gold In The Kitchen: Its Significance On Dinner Plates

Edible gold leaf sheets aren’t a modern invention that cropped up in the 20th century or later. They've been part of the artisan chef's arsenal for years as decorations for their dishes. Usually served to high-ranking members of the nobility, these symbolize a multitude of things such as affluence and high status.

One example that shows off the mastery that chefs back in the day had with the usage of gold is how the Ancient Egyptians made use of it in all sorts of fields including the realm of the culinary. Their civilization had the belief that gold held some benefits when it came to mind and spirit, useful for purifying one's self.

Even powerful figures such as the Pharaoh held beliefs of how gold could better their lives.

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Looking beyond the dunes of Egypt, cultures in Asia explored the use of gold as decorative and edible elements. First used as a form of medicine, it was then used to garnish dishes in ways that exuded luxury. This idea of opulence strengthened as European Nobility sought prestige and ways to differentiate themselves among their peers.

Health Effects Of Edible Gold

Gold has been found as a rather on-reactive element that remains even after digestion occurs. It’s safe to eat but has no scientific basis backing up any belief regarding its health effects. However, this didn’t stop ancient civilizations from seeing it as a solution to whatever ailment they were experiencing.

Ancient pharmaceutical texts made mention of gold as being a potential cure for various bodily ailments. These include bouts of arthritis and soreness of the limbs, usually employed by physicians working with higher-ranked members of the social caste. Aside from European and Asian nobility, other cultures such as certain tribes of Native Americans believed that the consumption of gold would bestow upon them ethereal powers such as levitation.

Although these beliefs would slowly disappear as our understanding of science and gold improved, the use of gold in culinary dishes did not. Beyond the era of the Renaissance, we find great chefs incorporating the luster of gold onto world-renowned dishes. This same tradition continues to this day as many high-class restaurants employ gold flakes, gold leaf sheets, and other opulent designs in their creations.

Getting All Kinds Of Gold Leaf Sheets For Your Kitchen!

Now that we’ve gotten a bit of background on the usage of gold leaf sheets on your dishes, all that’s left is to pick out what kind of edible gold leaf sheets you’re using for the job. There are all sorts of gold shades you can use such as rose gold and other options. You might also need different sizes of gold sheets, especially for businesses that go through sizeable amounts.

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