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Using Gold Leaf To Add Some Sparkle To Your Drinks!

If you’re looking to amaze your guests with your handiwork in the kitchen, then sprucing up your drinks might be the best way to go at it! A great ingredient to have on hand for designing your drinks is gold leaf sheets. Whether you’re using them as smaller flakes or larger crumpled sheets, we’re sure you’ll find some sort of way to bring out the shimmer within your creation.

However, it can be hard to think of creative touches on the fly. That’s why we’ve written this short article on how you can use gold leaf on your drinks. See the sparkle in your guest’s eyes when you serve them luxurious cocktails and party drinks that are all topped with gold garnishes.

How Do You Use Gold Leaf On Drinks?

With gold, you’re opening up your culinary creations to a variety of different designs. Each one does wonders for the character of your drink, showing a layer of opulence and luxury that can’t be reached easily. Gold leaf sheets have helped even home hobbyists elevate their creations and give unforgettable experiences to their guests. Why not apply that golden touch to your dishes as well?

Here are some simple ways that the use of gold leaf sheets can help you to add some shimmer and shine to your cocktails and other party drinks!

Keeping Cool With Gold Ice Cubes

There’s no better cure for a summer day than a nice cold drink with your friends. For those hosts looking to up the classiness of their party, a touch of gold could go a long way. Having gold leaf flakes and shavings embedded within your ice cubes adds a spectacle to the experience.

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To reliably get your flakes within your ice cubes, make sure to fill the ice tray halfway and freeze it. After that, add your flakes and fill them up again with water all the way. Freeze it and you’ll have the perfect ice cubes to serve with all sorts of fancy drinks!

Delicate Gold Leaf Garnishes

Of course, other hosts want the gold leaf to be a bit more noticeable within the body of the drink itself. For those who want the gold element to have a bolder presence, garnishing with gold leaf flakes and sheets could be the answer! When paired with simpler cocktails such as an Old-Fashioned or a Manhattan, it’s sure to catch eyes all around the party.

For the best results, you’ll want to make use of a pair of tweezers for more delicate adjustments. Any wrinkles or folds made to the gold leaf could affect the look of the drink in a lot of ways. Once you’ve gotten all the adjustments done, take a picture because you’ve just made a drink worth more than a sip!

A Subtle Touch To A Spectacular Drink

The most important thing that gold leaf achieves in any drink should be a sense of class and elegance. The last 2 methods have been quite eye-catching but what if you’re in the market for something a little more subtle? That’s when you can break out the powdered edible gold instead!

You can use this type of edible gold by either dusting the drink with it and then stirring it slowly to create a shimmering effect. When used on sparkling drinks such as Champagne, the effect is even more pronounced.

Another way of using powdered gold is by rimming the edge of your glass with it. Simply wet the edge of the glass to create an adhesive surface for the powder and you’ll have your version of a golden chalice in no time.

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