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Authentic and Imitation: Knowing The Best Gold Leaf For Your Dish

Nowadays, there is a multitude of brands and options available to those who want a touch of gold on their dishes and creations. Artists of all kinds of backgrounds know that the lustrous ashine of gold is enough to attract any wandering set of eyes. Edible Gold Leaf can be a great way of introducing your dish in a way that makes it as memorable as possible.

To many critics, food isn’t just enjoyed with one’s taste buds. We savor food with our eyes as much as our tongues. Gold leaf allows chefs to elevate the experience of tasting their creations by leaving a lasting impression. However, aspiring chefs should know the difference between an imitation of gold leaf and the real deal.

In this article, we'll explore the difference between the use of Imitation Gold Leaf and Authentic Gold Leaf. We'll also be talking about how we can use gold leaf to spice up our dishes and how we can turn a simple gold sheet into a masterpiece!

What’s The Difference Between Imitation And Real Gold Leaf?

The line between authentic gold leaf and its imitation counterpart is in the content and purity of the leaf itself. Here are some of the main differences between both kinds of gold leaf:

Authentic Gold Leaf

Authentic gold leaf is composed of gold that may be mixed with bronze or silver to create certain tones of color. They also tend to be more costly compared to imitation gold leaf due to both the materials used and even the way it's manufactured.

However, not all authentic gold leaf can be used within dishes as there is a minimum level of purity required by law for edible gold leaf. As a safety measure, make sure that the gold leaf you’re buying is rated at 23 to 24 karats. This level of purity ensures that the gold used in the leaf isn’t mixed with other metals that might be dangerous to consume.

Imitation Gold Leaf

On the other hand, imitation gold leaf is composed of primarily a brass alloy. The mixture of both zinc and copper has been adjusted to imitate the shine of gold leaf, creating a look that’s nearly identical to the real thing! However, one quick note about this is that imitation gold leaf sheets tends to not be edible due to the mixture of metals needed to make it.

However, it's great for art and construction projects as a cost-effective way of adding your kind of golden touch! Just be careful as the material can tarnish over time – requiring the application of varnish to maintain its luster.

How Authentic Gold Leaf Bolsters The Appeal Of Food

Many find the addition of gold leaf, petals, and flakes onto food to be something of a luxury thing. To them, it adds a bit of prestige to the dish and gives it a little more elegance than your average dish. Others have a completely different opinion, thinking that its little more than a fad and is just a pretentious way of inflating food prices.

Here, we find that the use of gold in food varies according to the dish and the intention of its chef. Some dishes overuse gold leaf, adding it haphazardly without a single concern for the composition of the dish. Although it’s got no effect on the taste profile, it does make it look a lot tackier when done wrong.

edible gold leaf sheets

However, when a chef makes use of gold leaf correctly, it can unlock a whole new dimension to the dish! Some examples include pastries that make use of gold petals and flakes such as the classic Opera Cake. This heavenly mix of coffee, chocolate, and meringue all coalesce into a sponge cake that’s crowned by just the subtlest touch of edible gold leaf crumbled into perfection.

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