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How Gold Leaf Helps to Innovate in the World of Food Presentation?

How Presentation Gives Food A New Dimension

The culture around food fluctuates according to the taste and priorities of society at large. In creating culinary experiences, we strive to deliver a sense of uniqueness to the dish. We’ve seen dishes served in such avant-garde ways that the world stands confused as to whether they’re meant to be eaten or not. In a way, these same quirks help food to establish itself in new dimensions.

Designs and features when it comes to food are not only aesthetic but also symbolic. Gold leaf is typically used as a sign of opulence and luxury. Its shine leaves nothing hidden, calling the attention of everyone around it. Maybe that’s why we see so much attention given to dishes that make use of gold leaf in new ways.

Forging Sensory Experiences With Gold Leaf

However, the use of gold to elevate the presentation of food goes well beyond the modern era. Even during our ancient past, we’ve used gold not only as a sign of wealth but as a sign of mysticism and even health. One way that gold leaf was used to create elegant dishes was with its reflective nature.

Imagine eating a candlelit dinner and the calming ambiance that surrounds it. Suddenly, you're served a dish that's as much a spectacle as it is a masterpiece. The light of the candle softly ripples off the gold leaf used on it, creating a visual show that's hard to forget. That, in our opinion, is the best way to use gold leaf: through the creation of sensory experiences.

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Aside from the visual aspect, this approach to the use of gold leaf solves the problem of pretentiousness. Edible gold leaf sheets go from a way to pad out the price of a meal to a necessary component that contributes to the dish. Maybe that’s what’s missing with many of the works that make use of gold leaf – only to be ridiculed due to its extravagant nature.

Turning Edible Gold Leaf Sheets Into All Sorts Of Designs

In practicality, you’re not going to be using the whole gold leaf sheet in one go. Unless you’re working on a particularly large dish, you’ll most likely be left with a lot of extras. What can you do with all of it?

An option would be to make new designs out of the sheet by crumpling it up. This helps creates texture through the crumpled surface, allowing for light to reflect differently compared to a large sheet. One simple idea to practice this idea on are cupcakes topped with small squares of crumpled gold leaf. Pair it with a dollop of whipped cream and it becomes a wonderful dessert to serve to friends you’re aiming to impress!

You could also rip it up into flakes, sprinkling your dish or drink with it to achieve a sparkling effect. One great way to make use of this idea is to sprinkle gold flakes onto a clear cocktail or mocktail. It adds a sparkling character to the drink and gives it a vibe that's perfect to take pictures with. Your guests will love it and we're sure you will too!

Getting Your Hands On Edible Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold leaf, being such a special ingredient, is hard to come by without having to trudge through dozens of imitators. If you’ve ever tried looking for gold leaf online, then chances are you’ve found someone selling imitation gold leaf. These edible sheets are made from a variety of metals that may or may not be edible.

This is why it’s best to get your gold leaf from a trusted craft store that specializes in edible gold leaf sheets! Pure edible gold leaf sheets are your best bet in transforming your simple homemade dish into a creation worth more than the sum of its parts. For all your gold leaf needs, you’ll want to buy from trusted stores such as xQzit!

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