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How Gold Leaf And Edible Gold Resurfaced Again!

When luxury and grace are the goals, there's no other material that can better exude these than gold. The luster of this precious metal has enamored people all over the globe for as long as anyone can remember. Whole cultures have been shaped by the presence of gold and its traditional role as a show of wealth and power.

In the modern day, Gold still retains its opulence as different industries find more uses for it. Within culinary spaces, chefs are starting to use gold leaf to refine their dishes and add a small touch of elegance to their creations. Some choose to apply it to cakes and pastries while others venture further and incorporate edible gold leaf sheets onto whole meals!

Gold’s rich history and its many uses throughout the world have always been at the forefront of everything luxurious. Here are some of the reasons why gold leaf is on the rise once again and how chefs are using it to better their dishes!

Gold Leaf’s Resurgence In The World Of Dining

Gold’s luster has mostly been kept within the bounds of jewelry and fashion. Now, we see chefs start to join the gilded trend by giving their culinary creations a golden touch. There are so many applications to gold leaf when designing a dish. Here are some of the ways chefs all over the world have created golden dishes to look out for!

Golden Pastries And Desserts

Desserts and Pastries tend to be the most common canvas used for chefs testing their creativity. When it comes to the use of gold leaf, many pastry chefs have gone the distance and created all sorts of spectacles that you can sink your teeth into. One example is the Golden Cristal Ube Donut, a wonderous combination of Purple Yam and Cristal Champagne.

Large companies such as Nestle have also caught up to the trends, creating a series of Kit Kat designs that were coated in gold. Each bar was priced at $16, making this Kit Kat one of the priciest ones around!

Some might think that the use of gold leaf in food is a bit extra. We say that everything has its purpose and using edible gold leaf sheets can be a great way of adding that special touch to your dish! Aside from that, gold leaf helps to make your dish stand out without changing any aspect of its flavor profile or masking any bit of the food experience.

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Golden Meals And Gourmet Picks

Of course, the culinary world isn't blind to any innovations starting to come out of the woodwork. Renowned gourmet chefs have also started to take notice of how edible gold leaf sheets could give a new dimension to the look of their dishes. Gualtiero Marchesi, a renowned chef that’s known for his contributions to Italian Cuisine, has been an advocate of gold leaf and its use in kitchens.

To him, the shimmer of gold helps to unite the senses of taste and sight. It helps create a beautiful scene that’s enhanced by small things with the dish. It’s all in the positioning of the leaf, the luster it exudes, and how the whole dish is brought together. Nothing’s better than a dish that combines the best of everything into one gastronomic experience!

Home Kitchens And Gold Leaf: Taking Your Homemade Meals To A New Level

The gourmet world has taken to using gold leaf and is discovering all sorts of ways to use it. However, that doesn't mean that only gourmet chefs can use gold leaf. Your homemade meals could be enhanced with a touch of gold for those times you need the presentation to be outstanding!

Style goes along with the experience of taste, a fact that's proven by how important plating and composition are when it comes to meals. Edible gold leaf sheets are available everywhere with online stores offering all kinds of products. If you're looking for top-quality gold leaf, then look no further than xQzit and our catalog available online.

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