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Gold Leaf Trends That’ll Help You Express Your Culinary Creativity!

With gold leaf circulating in popularity, many kitchens are starting to stock up on edible gold leaf sheets to design their dishes with. Several different styles and designs can be used to make gold leaf into a versatile tool in the kitchen. Dazzling creative foods have been showing up on social media, showing others just how flexible gold leaf can be when you're aiming for a visually engaging culinary experience.

Now, you might be wondering what that means for you and your home’s kitchen. How could you make use of all of these ideas and find your twist on them? Luckily, the culinary arts is a blank canvas that welcomes all sorts of imaginative touches to each dish. We're certain that you'd love the way that gold leaf can improve the impact your dish has on your guests!

Here are some of the new food trends currently popping up right now. Whether online or made by award-winning chefs, we’ve put together some of the more interesting ways that brands and restaurants harnessed the shimmer of gold for their own products!

Sweet And Shimmering Treats With Touches Of Gold Leaf

Now that we’re in a world where food photography has a growing presence in media, people expect their food to have some form of visual impact. Many higher-end restaurants and cafes have explored the use of gold leaf. Although gold leaf was already in use way before modern times, the meaning and symbolism tend to remain the same: luxury and elegance contained within an article of food.

Take, for example, the “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate” ice cream sundae that was created by Serendipity 3. This cold treat made use of edible gold to its fullest potential with around 5 grams of gold being used. In fact, the goblet that the ice cream was served in was also made of edible gold with white diamonds embedded into it. It just goes to show just how much effort can go into such elaborate desserts.

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Thinking of something else like a pastry? Krispy Kreme is with you on your golden phase with their Luxe Doughnut. Meant to be the most expensive doughnut ever created, the Luxe Doughnut makes use of a 24-carat gold leaf paired with white chocolate flowers lightly dusted with gold and paired once again with edible diamonds. Lastly, it makes use of a jelly filling that's made from Dom Perignon champagne.

Of course, there are much simpler ways to use gold designs and edible gold leaf sheets on your desserts. The humble bunch of strawberries can already be elevated thanks to the use of gold leaf and paired with chocolate sauce. Already you’ve got a dessert that would knock anyone down with its elegant look and wonderful taste.

Savory Dishes Paired With Tasteful Gold Leaf Designs

Gold leaf and edible gold don't just get used on desserts and nothing else. Savory dishes and full meals could also be given the Midas touch. All sorts of restaurants have played with such an idea with some going so far as to coat entire chunks of entrees in edible gold leaf sheets.

For those looking for an end-all recipe when it comes to cooking and serving a turkey, only a few recipes could rival a turkey that’s given the golden treatment. The BBC’s recipe calls for around 25 small gold leaf sheets, but this number could be more or less depending on the turkey you’re working with. A little patience goes a long way when applying these gold leaf sheets so make sure you block out a good amount of time for it!

Aside from large turkey dinners, you could even go in the opposite direction and make golden sausages that are sure to make any diner feel like they're eating a million bucks. Why spend thousands of dollars on golden meals at a fancy restaurant when you could tailor the same experience for you and your friends? It’s a great way to explore your culinary creativity and what designs work for you!

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