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Adding Some Charm Onto Your Cake With Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold leaf sheets are still seen as a great way of adding luxurious features to many designs and products. For cakes, edible gold leaf sheets are available as a fun and simple way to dazzle guests with the allure of gold. Take note that only 23- and 24-karat samples of gold are edible as they are pure enough to be biologically inert. In short, the gold leaf will be able to pass through your system safely.

Real gold leaf sheets tend to be on the pricier side of things but tend to be the safest version to buy and eat. With it, you can dress up your dishes in a way that just draws attention toward your creation. Cakes are a popular choice since they tend to make use of all sorts of colors and elements. Think of it like a blank canvas just asking to be filled in with your creative input!

Xqzit is here to make sure you’re able to express yourself in any food you make. We offer edible gold leaf sheets that bring out the character in your dishes. Here are some tips to help you deal with the delicate nature of gold leaf sheets and how you can apply them to your homemade cakes.

Adding Gold Leaf To Your Luxury Cakes

In any dish using edible gold leaf sheets, you’ll want to be careful as they can be ruined by something as light as a wayward gust of air. It might also be hard to pick up again when they stick onto surfaces like your skin or your kitchen countertop. Make it easier on yourself by using a fine surface like a kitchen knife or blade. You could also use tweezers to carefully move gold sheets exactly where you want them.

Another tool you'll want to keep handy is cotton gloves that can keep skin oils off the gold leaf sheets. These oils can be another cause for wrinkling and will make decorating your desserts even harder than usual. Some pastry chefs even use paintbrushes to remove gold leaves on surfaces.

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Frosting and Baking First!

You’ll want to apply the leaf during the decoration stage of your cake. This means you’ll want to chill it for around an hour after you’ve baked it and applied the frosting. It needs to be firm enough so that the gold leaf doesn’t just sink into the frosting and ruin the design.

Use your tweezers to apply onto the cake, making sure that the gold leaf sheets don’t make contact with other surfaces. Breaking the sheet into gold flakes is a great idea as it can create those tiny details that make it stand out. You can then choose to outline specific parts of the cake with edible gold leaf sheets or place them in a specific pattern.

You could even go as far as to coat the cake in a “gold foil” for that ultra-luxurious look to it. Of course, this requires as much patience as you’d think it would. However, the payoff will be worth it as the cake itself is bathed in a golden aura that exudes elegance.

Other Foods That Gold Leaf Can Be Used On

The sparkly nature of gold leaf sheets lends it to being used on all sorts of different food and drinks. Alcoholic cocktails can be enhanced with a little bit of gold leaf to accentuate the fizziness of the drink. Think about using it when you're serving up champagne for yourself and your friends on those special get-togethers!

You could even use edible gold leaf sheets on soups and starters to make a great first impression. It won't mess up any of the dishes' flavor profiles since gold leaf sheets don't have a taste to them. Once you're done, you can set the container aside and use the rest of it for another day!

Xqzit offers clients some great selections when it comes to gold leaf sheets to add to each of their creations. Whether it's used for art, culinary creations, or other sorts of creative expression, our edible gold leaf sheets are the perfect companion to it all. Check out our online store and see our roster of gold and silver leaf sheets that you can use!

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